we believe in a strong community

We want to connect Zerode riders with more Zerode (or yet to be Zerode) riders. We want to help facilitate people who haven't experienced a Taniwha the opportunity too, no matter where they are located. This is a bit of an experiment, but you guys should know we like doing things differently.  


It would be our dream to have a demo bike in every corner of the globe, so everyone can experience what its like to ride a Taniwha. However logistics make this very hard for our small team.

We have seen many Taniwha owners organically raise their hand to let other like minded people experience riding their bikes, so we are seeing if we can turn this already happening thing into something global and available to everyone. We are putting it to you, the Zerode Community!


Zerode World - An interactive way to find Taniwha’s near you!

How does it work?

Found a taniwha near you?

If you have found a Taniwha close to your location and would like to demo it please enter your details in the form below. Include the name and location of the Taniwha you are interested in testing. We will then contact the owner and organise a meet up between you and the owner.

Taniwha Owners

If you own a Taniwha and are happy to put your name on the map click to the button below to join!

Everyone who puts their name in automatically gets a $20 voucher for our website and if someone ends up checking out your Taniwha we will send you a free Zerode T shirt.

The ultimate outcome in our eyes however is you end up with a new riding buddy! And if we can help facilitate that, we think that's pretty cool and a good step in creating the best riding experience.

Sounds cool, but I don't want to tell everyone where I live?

We don't publish any address information, the pins use general locations such as Whistler or Wellington. All inquiries are managed via us and we are the middleman until both parties are happy to go ahead.


A huge thank you to those who are already part of zerode world!