.around the world

Zerode owners around the world are a stoked bunch. Some are weekend warriors, others are absolute pinners. There's one thing that Zerode Riders from around the world have in common - they are keen riders who then became absolute frothers once they experienced the stability of the ride, peace of mind in the back country and hassle free nature of owning a Taniwha, Mulet or Katipo. Check out some of the every day riders from around the world absolutely love our bikes and if you’re a Zerode owner, get in touch and we’ll make you famous here with your bike.

New zeland mountain biking

Jamie Garrod unboxes his new Katipo

Jack derry

NZ youngster, Jack, whipping his Taniwha, as it should be.

starting them young

Karl Paterson gets the golden good parenting star with non-derailleur education.

Charlie Ruck

New Zealand shredder, Charlie Ruck runs through his Taniwha set up.

No going back

Maddie Hill - enduro and DH racer from San Francisco Bay area says the gearbox is the best that ever happened to her.