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Everything we do, we do because we believe in a better riding experience.


We believe in thinking differently, pushing the boundaries on & off the bike.

our devotion to challenging the status quo allows us to Offer products that improve the traditional and inspire people to ride their best.


We also ride, a lot.


The Zerode Community


We design in Rotorua New Zealand, mountain bikes that inspire confidence, reduce maintenance & increase performance on the status quo.

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We are on the hunt for an ambassador!

We are giving away a Taniwha to someone who aligns with our beliefs, knows and to ride and can show the world they are having the best riding experience. Is this you? Find out more below.


Less MAINTENANCE & more riding

600% range of sealed gears that never need tuning & shift better the more they get ridden.

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More traction = more fun

Rowdier lines, faster corners, more stability in the rough. By having the gearbox central in the frame, it decreases unsprung mass, greatly improving sensitivity which gives you a more compliant & confidence inspiring ride


"The advantages of a gearbox are real. The dramatic improvements in suspension function are unquestioned, as it is near silent & more reactive than anything else on the market."

Trev Worsey - Enduro MTB


"I sure as hell felt like I was full of indestructible teenage courage & angst. With traction for days & tank-like stability, you can go wherever you want when you're riding the Taniwha. The bike has a stability to it, or maybe a calmness is a better way to put it, that makes a rider feel like they're more skilled & brave."

Mike Levy - Pinkbike


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Sam rides a Taniwha. He rides it bloody quickly as well. He is currently competing in the EWS & has many good stories to tell.


A devotion to a better riding experience