the zerode family

Two decades of thinking differently, innovating, riding and testing on world class trails have resulted in our elite fleet of trail and enduro weapons. They challenge the status quo, will inspire your confidence and have you riding your best.

Check out our Taniwha and Katipo range, and join the shift to a better riding experience.

Katipo Enduro

The Katipo Enduro is an ultra capable big wheeled monster, ready to be pointed down the face of the ugliest terrain you can find, and will spit you out with a smile.

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Taniwha Mullet Enduro

Combine the best of 29” and 27.5” wheels with the incredible Taniwha platform to give you a ride unlike any other.

the swiss army knife
katipo trail

Who says trail bikes can’t pack a punch? Who says trails bikes can’t pedal all day but still give you confidence when the trail gets nasty.

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G3 Downhill

The G3 represents everything you want to see in a downhill bike. The combination of a true high pivot with thelow unsprung massof a centralized gearbox and belt drive leads to an incredible suspension performance that allows you to take the roughest sections and the toughest corners at higher speeds.

Taniwha mullet Trail

Trail optimised geometry and capable of crushing the steeps and tech, the Taniwha Trail will conquer the ups and downs in equal measure.