bradly lauder

Rotorua is well known for gifting legendary riders to the world, and there’s no better example than Bradley Lauder. Lightening fast, smooth and mega styley sums up Bradley’s riding, while his engaging sense of humour and bold friendliness are an equal match. 2022 will see Bradley competing for Zerode on the North American stops of the EWS. No stranger to the podium, Bradley also competes in drift car racing and is a world class whitewater kayaker. Follow him at:


“As a coach and racer I spend half my life on my bike and I want something that is reliable and up to the task. Not having the the constant worry of damaging and replacing derailleurs and the ability to just jump on my bike and not having to retune gears has been awesome. When it come to riding, I personally love dropping down steep rough shoots where I can truly test myself and the bike and it’s where the silence of the zerode gives me confidence to push the limits.”

Lucas walch

Coming from a banking background and with 5 years riding under his belt, Lucas Walch has made an impact in a short space of time. Before mountain biking, Lucas came from a motorcycle enduro background and it wasn’t long after he discovered riding that his competitive streak compelled him to compete in local races. “I’ve found I have been able to take my racing to another level on my Katipo - I can’t wait to showcase it on the world stage this year!”

Jamie Garrod - new zealand mountain biking

Based in Rotorua, Jamie set up and runs New Zealand Mountain Biking. The premier Mtn biking adventure and skills coaching outfitter in New Zealand.

NZMTB has hosted groups of riders from all over the world on multi-day riding trips, showcasing our best trails and adventure riding.

Jamie joined the Zerode team in 2019 to gain more confidence in his bike, and so he wouldn't have to spend so much time and money trying to keep clunky drivetrains running smoothly and quietly.
Jamie has an epic YouTube channel that showcases the trails in Rotorua and other parts of New Zealand. The tours and skills sessions Jamie and his team run in Rotorua are world-class.

max tebbs

15 Year old Max is our “young gun” rider who we reckon is going places with is incredible skill, speed and attitude. We’re proud to have him on the Zerode team.

“I get out on my bike as much as I can and having a Zerode makes that so much easier. Less time spent replacing derailleurs, oiling chains, complaining about stuck gears or chain slap, the bike is just bulletproof. This season I’m looking to enter and podium as many races as possible and learn as many new tricks as I can. Having a bike that can take my crashes time and time again has to be one of the best things about my Zerode. It means less time and money spent on fixing bikes, and more time ditching homework to ride!”