.is the key to PERFORMANCE

“That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity.” - Steve Jobs

We make bikes, not phones, but the principle is the same - simplicity unlocks performance. The fundamental concept of protected gears with weight concentrated in a low centralised position makes more sense than conventional mtb design.

Ironically, ''simple'' can be hard to do, but thinking outside the box and not being afraid to challenge old ideas has allowed us to provide our owners with a riding and ownership experience that is Simply Better.


Moving weight from the back wheel to a low centralised position is one of the best ways to gain superior suspension performance, increased grip and better cornering. 

Our bikes will feel more stable and in control which allows you to hold more speed and ride with more confidence. See more about the science of unsprung weight.


What is one of the simplest ways to protect something fragile? Put it inside a strong box and tuck it out of harm's way.  

How do you stop a metal chain from stretching, wearing out and slapping noisily?  Replace it with a carbon belt that is stronger, doesn't stretch and is guaranteed for 2 years.  Plus it's deathly silent

Less breakages. less drivetrain maintenance. less messy oil, MORE RIDING.


Longevity, a gearbox that wears IN over time and keeps getting smoother and better the more you ride it . A simple drivetrain that lasts well over twice as long and can be replaced for less than ½ the cost of a traditional setup.  Low lifetime cost of parts and VERY low maintenance costs all result in exceptional value in a riding platform. You can have peace of mind to ride your bike at your full potential with confidence that it won't cost you time and money.


I have to say, the bike is amazing.  The bike is so smooth and tracks so well.  I'm having to learn to trust the bike so much simply because I don't think I should be able to corner this well.  But, it just grips and pops me out.  It's really an exciting and inspiring machine.  I just want to ride more than I have in a very long time.  Thank you!”