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Zerode Taniwha & The Pinion Gearbox

The Taniwha carbon frame is built around the Pinion C.Line gearbox. Seamless shifts, up or down, even if your bike is caked in mud. Your chain will last for years not months because they aren’t tortured into climbing up and down clusters and the gearbox itself is a sealed self contained unit that requires little maintenance.  


3D Printable Bash Plate

For those that ride in rocky environments and feel there is a chance you could damage your gearbox we have developed this 3D printable Bash Plate. The Bash Plate is 3.2mm thick and helps dissipate impacts from rocks or other debris. It fits perfectly onto all Pinion C-Line gearboxes.

The file for the Bash Plate is completely free (the links are downloadable below) you just need access to a 3D printer. We recommend printing in PLA and using a silicone to fix the plate to the gearbox.

If you don’t personally have a 3D printer, a lot of Schools and Libraries do or there are a number of 3D printing businesses around.

Click the buttons below to download the files.



Assembled by Hand

Each Pinion gearbox is designed, engineered and hand assembled in Germany. 



Engineering expertise, skill, ability and passion – Pinion delivers the transmission for the bicycle of the future. Our motivation: the achievement of technical perfection.


Pinion's objective: the perfect bicycle.
Designed and manufactured by hand in Germany, Pinion transmissions keep working reliably and are virtually maintenance-free. The compact design provides an integrated, reduced design for innovative bicycles – Pinion enables bikes to be created that are excellently balanced and technically perfect.
All Pinion transmissions guarantee unique function in every situation under all conditions.


Transmission type Spur gearing
Weight 2100g
Number of gears 12
Overall ratio 600%
Gear steps 17,7% constant
1st gear equivalent (30t chainring and 30t rear sprocket) 30/54
12th gear equivalent (30t chainring and 30t rear sprocket) 30/9
Chain line with Pinion chain ring 54mm
Maximum input torque 250 Nm
Axle standard Pinion standard
Q-factor *1 166 mm
Oil type Pinion gearbox oil 2
Oil capacity 60ml (2.0oz)

*1 = Distance between the outer faces of the crank arms at the level of the pedal attachment points

Real gears refer to the gear steps of a bicycle transmission that can be optimally used. In derailleur gears, the skewed running of the chain leads to significant losses of efficiency. In addition, when there are two or three front chainrings there will be redundant, i.e. equivalent, gears. A 3×10 derailleur transmission, for example, actually only offers 14 or 15 real gears from this perspective. 


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