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We head in the forest to debunk the myths around shifting on the Zerode Taniwha with the Pinion Gearbox. It is different to shift than a conventional drive train, but once you get accustomed to it, it can greatly improve your riding. We show you some real world scenarios and also some not so common scenarios it is beneficial.

We often get people asking if they can have a look around our head quarters so we thought we would give everyone a look into the behind the scenes of what happens at Zerode. From here we do everything from bike design to customer service to bike building and distribution. We do it all. It's a pretty small operation but we're proud of how happy every single one of our customers are and how good of a review they give our bikes. There's a few secret projects on the go, see if you can spot them in the video.



Nothing but the sounds of knobs in the dirt and rims pinging roots. Sam Shaw is absolutely pinned in New Zealand aboard his Zerode Taniwha with Pinion gearbox drivetrain.