We do not limit ourselves to the confines of traditional thinking. The Taniwha Mixer is no exception. It combines the best elements of 29” and 27.5” wheels with the incredible Taniwha platform to give you a ride unlike any other. When you are on the Taniwha Mixer the advantages are immediately obvious—a bike that retains the poppy playfulness of 27.5” wheels, but offers the benefits of larger wheels up front where they count the most.

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29ers offer undeniable advantages in terms of capability—they roll over obstacles more easily, and raise the bike’s front end for more control on the steepest descents. But we didn’t want to compromise the playfulness of our trail bike by lengthening the chainstays to accomodate a larger rear wheel.

By mixing wheel sizes, we discovered a Taniwha that bombs big mountain descents and rock gardens with the confidence of a 29er, but retains a snappy rear end that’s easy to lift of the ground and makes the bike a breeze to manual.  

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We love more traction

It means we can take rowdier lines, corner faster & overall have a better time. You'll love it too.

By moving the unsprung weight of a derailleur & cassette from the back wheel to the bottom bracket, the suspension is free to work like no other bike you've ever ridden - giving it more traction & allowing for a much more compliant & confidence inspiring ride.


Designed to give you the best possible riding experience

Whether you race at the highest level, go on epic back country adventures or just sneak a cheeky ride in on the long way home from work, the Taniwha Mixer will no doubt put a smile on your face every time you ride. 


Join the shift to a better riding experience


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THe Pinion gearbox has up to 600% gear range, that is completely sealed from the elements


all of which you can change instantly. 


Pinion Specs

Designed & manufactured by hand in Germany, Pinion transmissions are a compact & innovative package. They keep working reliably & are virtually maintenance-free. 

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Mixer Geometry

The use of a 29” wheel up front results in a bike that blends characteristics of both the Taniwha and Taniwha Trail in terms of ride feel.

In addition to providing an ultra-stable front end, the 29” wheel up front slackens the geometry so that set up as an 140mm travel bike, it retains a similar geometry as our enduro model. It’s one hell of a rowdy party machine out on the trail.

Those looking for more travel and more capability can opt to run a 160mm shock for a trail destroying beast that will give more confidence on the descent. However you set yours up, we’re not afraid to say that the Taniwha was meant to be mixed.


140mm Mixer Geometry

Use this as a guide to selecting your perfect 140mm Mixer Taniwha. Centimeters at the top represent your height.

Taniwha Sizing Chart.png
Frame 420 445 475
Seat tube length 400mm 430mm 470mm
Seat tube angle 74.5° 74.5° 74.5°
Head tube length 110mm 120mm 130mm
Headtube angle 65° 65° 65°
Chainstay length 431mm 431mm 431mm
Wheelbase 1172mm 1204mm 1238mm
Stack 592mm 600mm 609mm
Reach 420mm 445mm 475mm
BB Drop 5 5 5

160mm Mixer Geometry

Use this as a guide to selecting your perfect 140mm Mixer Taniwha. Centimeters at the top represent your height.

Taniwha Mixer Sizing Chart.png
Frame 415 440 470
Seat tube length 400mm 430mm 470mm
Seat tube angle 74° 74° 74°
Head tube length 110mm 120mm 130mm
Headtube angle 64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
Chainstay length 431mm 431mm 431mm
Wheelbase 1181mm 1213mm 1247mm
Stack 596mm 604mm 613mm
Reach 415mm 440mm 470mm
BB Drop -2 -2 -2
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Taniwha Mixer Tech SPecs

TRAVEL: 160mm or 140mm
FRAME: Carbon Fibre with Internal cable routing for dropper post
WHEEL SIZE: 29” front wheel, 27.5” back wheel
SEATPOST: 31.6mm
REAR SHOCK: 216mm eye to eye x 63mm stroke (160mm) or 210mm eye to eye x 55mm stroke (140mm)
22.2mm x 8mm reducer
HEADSET: 44mm top/56mm bottom
DRIVETRAIN Pinion C.Line gearbox
REAR HUB: 142mm x 12mm [single speed]

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Don't forget to have fun!

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