Whistlalaaa, Canada - EWS Round 6

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08/08/2018 Whistlalaaa

Quick update: We have been invited to stay at the Bathgates (Sandee, Cooper, Jackson, and Brack) for the stay in Whistler over Crankworx. Brooke has broken her scaphoid and its hot as. Heading into the whistler village for a look around and a coffee at mount currie. Got in a good ride on the west side of Whislter down “Legalize it” and “Unicorn petting zoo” two pretty technical no flow trails that seem to be typical trails for histler and hella fun. Jackson is on this health buzz and is eating a lot of boiled spinach, pretty much every night and even during the day (good for iron levels apparently) so we give it a go to. Brooke cooks up a pretty mean curry, play some Fortnite and head to gar.. shleep.

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Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer

10/08/2018 Prachy day one

Huge sleep in, got a bit of morning exercising in before breakie. Chilled out at the house until 3pm before getting ready and heading to the gondola to practice stage 5, top of the world stage. Headed all the way to the top of Whistler and checked out the stage, huuuge stage. Headed home to chill out for tomorrows bigger day.

Told the boys we were having an early one, made for some unhappy chaps.

9pm - Brooke and I head to bed (which is in the living room (claimed as our bedroom)).

9-11pm - Boys are getting sauced in our bedroom getting ready for a big ol night out in town (classic Wednesday at Bills)

11.20pm - The taxi comes and everyone leaves our room.

12am - Jackson gets home from 21 steps, always good to catch up on his day at work. Jackson boils up some spinach quietly while we head back to sleep.

1.30am - Two random girls walk into our bedroom and proceed to talk loudly, Brooke politely tells them to get lost. They don’t.

2.30am - The boys make it back from town straight into bed with us (Brack falls asleep) to tell us how good the night was, cheers boys

3.30am  - Some girls are still here trying to find out how to get home, geeezus. Told them to get lost.

Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer


11/08/2018 Prachy day two

Tiny sleep in and straight onto the bike to head out and practice stage one through to four. got stages one and two in pretty quick and loving the trails! Headed home for a small snack break that turned into three hours of lunch making and Fortnite playing trying to avoid the rain bomb that happens to hit at every EWS stop. It didn’t really clear up, but I headed out to get the final two stages of practice in. Somehow even straight after the rain they were still full of dust, dust holes, dust corners, dust ruts (the dirt over here is made of dust). Got home cleaned the bike up, had some tukka and headed to sleep.

Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer


12/08/2018 Race day/ party day sev.. one

Nice sleep in for a race day! Up at 9.30 for some breakie, geared up and headed out with e-bike Brooke to do a quick warm up on the way to the starting stage. started off and pedaled up to stage one, Microclimate. We got just the right amount of time to cruise over and have a small break before starting the stage. Microclimate had a good mixture of downs and pedals and a wee bitty flow in places, really fun trail, would recommend to a mate.

I had a good clean run down here, not pushing the limit as it was the first trail of the day. Back up the same hill to stage two, Crazy train. The name is a perfect description of the trail with a good amount of technical sections and pedals, the kinda trail that you have to be alert the whole way down, I felt I rode good down here, missed a couple of good lines (crazy amount of inside lines) taking the slower route by accident. Still managing a decent time.

Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer

Then a big ol liaison over to the Creekside gondola to head up to stage three, Delayed fuse into BC trail.

A relatively new trail with its fair share of holes (already) and tight corners the whole way down. I paced well, but towards the bottom had a huge otb nearly into Cody Kelly who was collecting himself from doing the exact same mistake. Jumped up, made sure Cody (huge head knock with a broken helmet :( ) was all good and jumped back on to realise my bars had twisted, but the end was near so I rode it out before lining them back up (mare of a stage).

Carried on up the hill to the top of stage four, Tunnel vision (I think). This stage was awesome! Really fun flow sections into sets of jumps and then dusty unburied corners, a pedal into a flow beamed section and done. I had a lotta fun down here and kept things clean. Stopped by the Tim Hortons feed zone for coffeee, before heading up to the final stage five, top of the world into bike park stuff. We had to ride across a suspended swing bridge before starting the stage, and pretty funny to find out how many riders are afraid of heights (although flying scares the crap outta me). Stage five was huge and rocky and shitty haha. A 20min long stage of rocks sticking out in the worst paces, but surprisingly fun to race. Although I probably had my worst stage of the season down here, keeping things upright, but being caught by two riders behind me. Anyway got to the bottom safe to find the Bathgates with the finishing beer, cheer. Headed home to Mojoes, then a cheeky post race run, followed by recovery spinach with Jack.

Photo Boris Beyer

Photo Boris Beyer

13/08/2018 Party day two

Spent all day in the lululemon recovery lounge :)

14/08/2018 still Trapped

Another day in the recovery lounge, this needs to be at every round of the EWS.

Rob Metz