3D Printable Bash Plate

3D Printable Bash Plate


For those that ride in rocky environments and feel there is a chance you could damage your gearbox we have developed this 3D printable Bash Plate. The Bash Plate is 3.2mm thick and helps dissipate impacts from rocks or other debris. It fits perfectly onto all Pinion C-Line gearboxes.

The file for the Bash Plate is completely free you just need access to a 3D printer. We recommend printing in PLA and using a silicone to fix the plate to the gearbox.

If you don’t personally have a 3D printer, a lot of Schools and Libraries do or there are a number of 3D printing businesses around.

Does not include gearbox. The files are also available to download on the Pinion page under the Tech tab on our navigation.

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