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Katipo Intro.jpg

We didn’t hold back on this one.

Re-think what you thought you were capable of on a bike, this big wheeled weapon will infect you with a dangerous amount of confidence and leave you waiting for your mates at the bottom of the trail.

It’s been a long time coming and for good reason. We have meticulously poured ourselves into every detail of this beauty. It is through and through a manifestation of the philosophy that guides us at Zerode - to give you the best possible riding experience.

Slack? Yes. Long? Yes. Capable? F*** yes.


With a 64° head angle, 160mm front and rear travel and 29” wheels the Katipo is ready to inspire your confidence and make you ride the best you ever have.

Built around the Pinion Gearbox system, the Katipo has a number of benefits (not just features) that will give you the best possible riding experience.

The Katipo features our Custom / er build, so choose the components you want to complement two striking new colorways.


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Our frames are built using only the best carbon fibre available and utilize the latest construction technology.


Why we love the katipo


drink bottle COMPATIBLE

Be smart, stay hydrated. The Katipo has your back.


World RENOWNED Zerode suspension

It’s no lie. We are renowned for the suspension performance of our bikes so don’t think the Katipo is any different.


Wide single speed hub

Wider flange spacing than anything super boost and symmetrical spoke angles means your wheel is ultra stiff. It also means you can build up lighter wheels.


frame protection

A silent bike is a inspiring bike. All Katipos come with noise cancelling frame protection.


Big and massive

We didn’t hold back on the sizes. With a reach of up to 505mm the Katipo will keep even the tallest giraffes happy.

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There’s no dinner plate sized cassettes or fragile derailleurs to snap off. It’s just simple, durable and reliable.


64° of party

Yup, this thing parties and it parties at high speed. Don’t worry, it will infect you with confidence and you’ll be partying too.


Gearbox Driven

At the heart of the Katipo is the Pinion Gearbox. Instantaneous shifting, low maintenance and improved traction are just a few of the benefits the gearbox provides.


Katipo Colours

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Custom er-01.png

What is Custom / er? It’s us giving you the freedom to have the bike of your dreams.

When you purchase one of our bikes, you get full ability to customize it. What do we mean? If you want a Fox 36 or a Rockshox Pike, an air shock or a coil, you can have it. Same goes for the other components, because component choice is personal. We create a bike that reflects your budget and riding style every time. Find out more on the buy page.

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Love the Katipo?

Grab a Katipo T shirt and let everyone know that you know what stunning suspension performance is and how durable a mountain bike can be.

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A few words from Rob Metz, Zerode Founder


“Having spent some time on the Taniwha, Taniwha Trail, Mulét and now the Katipo I feel we have a range of bikes that bring the Zerode experience a very wide spectrum of mountain bikers.

We certainly didn’t hold back on the Katipo, long, low, slack with multiple travel and build options. It is quite clear that taller riders feel more at home on the larger wheels and our geometry reflects this.

What ever bike you choose you get the stunning suspension performance and superb shifting that Zerode riders know and love.”

Katipo Geometry

The Katipo geometry is designed for those who like to throw anything at their bike and come away with a smile. It’s capable and it loves to go fast. The geometry complements the bike’s capable big wheels for a complete package that will entirely redefine your understanding of confidence.

It’s a modern blend of long and slack that loves to be pushed to its limits. Riders looking for a bike that will increase their confidence and ability will find themselves right at home on the Katipo. We believe wheel size and frame size should be considered as a package, so Katipo is available in two larger sizes with 475mm reach and 505mm reach.

Depending on demand, we may offer a slightly smaller frame down the track. However, we believe most smaller riders will naturally feel at home aboard a Taniwha or even Taniwha Mulét.

Click to view Geometry Overview

Frame 475 L 505 XL
Seat tube length 460mm 490mm
Seat tube angle 75.5° 75.5°
Head tube length 110mm 120mm
Headtube angle 64° 64°
Chainstay length 444mm 444mm
Wheelbase 1245mm 1279mm
Stack 610mm 618mm
Reach 475mm 505mm
BB Drop 25mm 25mm


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Katipo Tech Specs

TRAVEL: 160mm
FRAME: Carbon Fibre with Internal cable routing for dropper post
SEATPOST: 31.6mm
REAR SHOCK: 230mm eye to eye x 65mm stroke (160mm)
22.2mm x 8mm reducer
HEADSET: 44mm top/56mm bottom
BRAKE MOUNT:  160mm Post
DRIVETRAIN: Pinion C.Line gearbox
REAR HUB: Wide Flange Single Speed 142mm x 12mm