6 Great things about the Katipo besides the gearbox

So as most of you would have seen we have just released the all new Katipo. It’s a 29er built around the Pinion gearbox and is available in two travel options. We often talk about the gearbox and it’s many benefits (because they’re awesome) but today we want to shine the light on a few of the other great things that we love about the Katipo.

Katipo Trail-9-sq.jpg

1. Confidence inspiring head angle

This is thing is slack. It’s ready to party and it wants to party. The 160mm Katipo comes in with a boundary pushing 64° head angle giving you confidence even when the trail gets nasty. Don’t let your bike get in the way of your riding potential.


2. It’s biiiiig

Our largest Katipo has a whopping 505mm reach. If your tall or even if you just like long bikes, the Katipo has you covered. Don’t worry if your not tall we have a smaller one too.


3. It’s water bottle compatible

This seems like a simple one, but you’d be surprised how many bikes out there that don’t have water bottle storage. We even sell Zerode bottles on our web store in the spares tab.


4. It’s built to the absolute highest standard

Our frames are built using the latest manufacturing techniques and utilize the highest quality carbon fibre available. Our frames goes through extremely vigorous testing in factory before any go out the door. We have not once had to replace a frame due to manufacturing defects. This is exceptional when compared with the rest of the industry.


5. It features our Custom / er Build

What is our Custom / er Build? It means when you buy a Katipo (or Taniwha) you get to choose what components it has. If you want 36s or Pikes you can have them. It’s the same story for all components. When you purchase a Katipo (or any Zerode) you get it the way you want.


6. You can have it loud or you can have it stealthy

We have two stunning colourways to pick from. Peppermint Rascal is suited to the proud ones, the ones that want to let everyone know they own a Katipo. Sharknado Grey is suited to the ones who like to keep it stealthy, the ones who let their riding do the talking. We love them both.

We hope you enjoyed our reasons to love the Katipo. If you want to find out more or start planning your own build hit the buttons below.

Rob Metz