Ride it like you built it

What happens when someone rides a bike they designed on a trail they built?

As you can expect its nothing but warp speed and if your familiar with the trail you’ll notice a couple of sneaky hotlines. Zerode founder and Taniwha designer Rob Metz puts on the GoPro and takes us for a ride down two trails he built in the Whakarewarewa Forest. The first trail, Tuhoto Ariki, was built by Rob and friends all the way back in 2007, that’s 12 years ago! Kataore, the second trail, was built by Rob and friends in 2014. Rob is riding one of our Taniwha Muléts which has a 29er front wheel and 27.5 rear wheel, a set up he has been riding for well over 3 years now.

For me, the Mulét is about biasing grip towards the front end in an effort to ensure oversteer rather than understeer when pushing the limits of grip, at the same time ensuring manuals are effortless and the chassis playful.” - Rob Metz

Rupert Mulet-2wht low.jpg
Rob Metz