We are on the hunt for an ambassador


We need someone that aligns with our beliefs, knows how to ride and can show the world they are having the best riding experience. We will make your riding experience even better by giving away a Taniwha to the appropriate candidate.


Zerode was born out of a desire to improve the riding experience. Along the years we have relentlessly pursued the riding experience over everything else and often taken the path less travelled to do so.

Years of testing and development in the mountains has brought us to where we are today and we are extremely happy with the result. Our bikes reduce maintenance, inspire confidence and increase performance on the status quo and we want someone to help show this to everyone.


Key Info

Must be a strong rider
Must have a strong social media presence
Know how to keep gear in top notch condition
Be someone that seeks adventure
If you can provide good images and tell good stories it is favourable

If this sounds like you get in contact below.